Monday, October 18, 2010


Even though the first official day of Fall was almost a month ago, we in Northern California have been stuck with Summer weather. At first it was fine, I kept telling myself this happens every year and the chill of Fall would soon come. But it lasted weeks and the weather just kept creeping up (even to the 100's!). And by last week I decided I had had enough. Then the most wonderful thing happened this weekend-it RAINED! It was spectacular and in perfect timing! I was out Sunday afternoon running errands with my Mom and suddenly the sky turned gray and it started to drizzle. And you know what? It lasted most of the day; the yummy chilly temps and on-and-off sprinkles, making football, a pumpkin spice candle and an apple crisp dessert all the better! Welcome, Fall!!

{Loving my new mugs!}

{Pumpkin Spice and Chocolate Stout cupcakes}

{Yummy apple crisp}

{New cozy slippers}

{Just some things that make this season wonderful!}

Happy Monday!


Missy said...

it rained for 3 days in LA! it was actually kind of nice. perfect napping weather!

Kate said...

I'm a litle jealous! I love napping on rainy weekends:)

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