Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Channeling My Inner Parisian

Today was one of those mornings I just couldn't seem to get myself out of bed. Though as I was pulling myself together, I decided not to stress, but rather to channel my inner french girl...so now here I sit, new grey striped boatneck tee, skinnies, flats and a loose ponytail of curls, just wishing I was enjoying a cappuccino and pan au chocolat instead of hot tea and cough drops.

And being in the spirit for Paris, I told my husband this morning of a decision I made-we will be visiting Paris in the next 5 years. I just adore the gorgeous city and would love to go back with him! Plus, I can't help myself when it comes to planning trips, given that I have our next 4 or 5 vacations at least semi-planned:)

Have a lovely Tuesday!



Missy said...

sounds like a GREAT plan to me! a couple of my friends just went to paris and they said it was amazing! (duh lol) i asked my gf what paris is famous for - she said parisians are famous for being fashionable - pack your beret! lol

In R Travels said...

You are so adorable! I can totally picture you at work in your striped boat neck tee, skinny jeans, and flats! You belong in Paris my friend!

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