Tuesday, November 16, 2010

{Picture Perfect}

Our pictures are in!! And can I say, once again, how much I adore Sarah Dawson...and her work! She is incredibly talented and so fun to work with! Here's a little teaser from our photo session last month~


Missy said...

aw they are so beautiful! I love them! the one of abby in the front cracks me up! she's like helloooo solo shot of the dog please!

Msladij said...


The green background is my first favorite, but then I looked at all of them and have many favorites. Nice work.

Kate said...

Thank you!

Missy~I love the ones with Abby and Max! I will definitely post more when we have the rest:) She is such a ham!

J~That is my fave also:) But dang, Sarah is do good, I love them all!!

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