Friday, November 12, 2010

A Very Good Excuse...

First of all, I must apologize for my complete blog neglect this week! But believe me, I have a very good excuse. Let me just get to it...

We Bought a house!!

Allow me a second to pinch myself, because I still almost don't believe it! Actually, this has been going on for close to eight weeks, but we decided to keep it quiet until it was a done deal-imagine the buzz kill if it would have fallen through (which it almost did)! So we would officially like to shout from the rooftops that it is ours!!!

Many of you know that we have been on this journey of house hunting for almost two years on and off. It's been immensly frustrating at times, but we were sure that when the perfect one came along, the wait would all be worth it . And I think we would both wholeheartedly agree that was the case.

Pretty much from the first time we set foot in our house, we knew it was different from the rest, and not to mention more space than we were expecting to get! And even though the whole process took some time, it was definitely worth it as we were able to negotiate a brand-spankin' new roof!

So now's the time to move on to all the fun aspects of being homeowners! And let me tell you, we are like old pros-picking out paint swatches, doing an indecent amount of virtual shopping, and dreaming up a ridiculously long and exciting list of projects we would like to tackle. Let me just say, we've had a permanent smile glued to our faces this week!

So, what are some of our favorite things about the new house you ask?:

  • It has character and charm oozing out of every inch
  • It has a pool and a big yard for the pups to run and play!
  • There is a huge, mature gardenia at the front door and about 13 full grown rose bushes lining the front yard!
  • The house is set back on a quiet street with a long, semi-enclosed front patio
  • You walk into the large, open living and dining room with really high ceilings, making it feel so open and airy
  • Th way light filters through the entire house is just heavenly!
  • It has a breakfast nook!!

Have I said that I love our house? Our official move-in day is next Friday, but we will be in there this weekend getting our hands dirty with painting and the installation of new hardwood floors! Looking forward to sharing our new adventure as homeowners with you!


KEllwood said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you two! You are going to LOVE owning your own home!!

Nicole said...


Blythe said...

Congrats! Best investment ever!

Christie said...

Oh Girl - this is FANTASTIC news! We are so happy for you! Now when we come to Sacto, are you having us over for dinner in your new place? Just making sure...

Maybe 2011 or 2012...hard to travel with two littles... :o)

xo love you

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