Wednesday, December 1, 2010

No More Excuses

Happy December! Can you believe we are already in the last month of 2010?!

In addition to the reappearance of Silk Nog, a fully decorated Christmas tree and Diana Krall's Christmas album, I am completely giddy about beginning to receive Christmas cards in the mail! I have always had great aspirations of sending one out, but the month just seems to slip by too quickly and I'm left with the lowly phrase, "Next year...".

But seeing as this will be the Hansen's 3rd Christmas married, and we have added yet another puppy into out little family, it just feels lame to go one more year without finally sending our own lovely Christmas greeting-especially since we now have fabulous new family photos:) And lucky for me, Shutterfly loves bloggers and is offering an opportunity for 50 free Christmas cards!! Thank you Shutterfly for giving me no excuse this year! Check out their promotion here and get in the holiday spirit! Don't forget to take a peek at their beautiful selection of holiday cards here-I for one am having a hard time deciding on just one!

In addition to saving my bank account, they have also given me a great idea for Christmas presents this year-can you say photo calender?! These make great, unique gifts for friends and family! And if I wasn't so busy with the whole moving process, I would love to have a Christmas party. Wouldn't something like this be perfect to send guests?!

In the words of Ross on Friends: "You'll be getting our card!!"

I am really loving the simplicity of this particular card~


Rheanna said...

don't you just love shutterfly. it. You'll have to message me your guys' new addy :)
Merry Christams!!!!

Missy said...

wow awesome! thanks for sharing! I always send out cards...last year was the first time i sent out a photo card. i got a groupon for some on kodak gallery...but free sounds better! lol

In R Travels said...

I love that you quoted friends! This is one of the very MANY reasons why I love you! xoxoxox Can't wait to get a card! Woohoo!

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