Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Warriors

When I realized Christmas was a mere two weeks away, I knew Chris and I had to get our butts in gear and accomplish a list of tasks we wanted done before the holidays. And so, we were definitely weekend warriors these past few days! We got the house to a spot that makes it feel good, even if not yet complete. It was necessary, both for our sanity and the number of friends and family who want to see the new place over the holidays!

We now have two rooms that are so close to being complete-for now anyway! May I present to you:

The Dining room! My husband is so handy-he was able to fix an electrical problem we were having that prevented our new pendant light from actually turning on. But look at that baby now:)

And the "cozy" room , as I like to call it because it's such a snugly, warm room, especially with a fire going! This room had been lacking window coverings because I just could not make a decision. At last I found these roman shades that pull in all the colors I wanted! Aren't they pretty?! There are a few unfinished details we need to get to, but it's definitely looking less and less like we just moved in:)

Sunday afternoon I made these aprons for my little siblings, in hopes they might inspire their little minds with culinary genius;) Little kitchen helpers are the best!

Hope your weekend was fabulous! Merry Monday!

1 comment:

Missy said...

i love that white rug!

the aprons are too cute!

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