Monday, January 10, 2011

The First Casualty

Casualty of moving, that is. I was very sad this weekend when I realized I must have either misplaced or lost my loaf pans during our move in November. And since all the boxes have been unpacked for ages and it seemed very unlikely that I could have misplaced them, my conclusion was that they must have been left at the apartment-you know, in that awful drawer under the stove where you store bakeware?

I was terribly disappointed as I had set my mind on baking our favorite banana bread this weekend. And then it occurred to me to try The Perfect Brownie pan I just received for Christmas! After all, it does claim to be useful for more than just brownies {remember this post?}.

And my oh my, it certainly did the trick! My banana bread came out perfectly portioned and didn't stick at all! It also turned out super moist since the cook time was reduced by almost a third. I was so excited about the results that I almost completely forgot about losing my trusty loaf pans.

So excited in fact, I even I took some pictures to show you how awesome the Perfect Brownie pan really is:

Here they are, my perfectly portioned little banana bread bites:)

Once they are cooled you just pop the included stand underneath the pan and the bottom lifts from the pan like so. Now they are perfect for serving!

Ooo, ahh:

And then, lo and behold, as I opened my cupboard to get a container to store my bread, I discovered this:

That's right, my loaf pans! Ha, I laughed for a good minute after seeing this. Especially since I open this particular cupboard every single day and could not remember they were being stored there! I guess sometimes it's hard to see something that's staring you right in the face. At least I got to use my brownie pan and am now hooked on trying it with other baked goods!


Missy said...

hahaha! how funny! :-)

i want one of those pans! :-)

In R Travels said...

I just love you with all of your fancy fan dangled contraptions!!! xoxoxo

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