Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hello, Gorgeous!

I have been one majorly clumsy gal lately. Three days in a row last week I dropped and broke something. First was our pepper mill, then the canister I keep flour in and then a juice glass. The pepper mill was by far the most disappointing, and not to mention messy!

Though my husband seemed less brokenhearted about our loss, considering he has been wanting a new one for some time now. Unfortunately, despite its sleek design, we could just never seem to get the grind right. So this morning we did some internet browsing and landed on the infamous Peugeot, which let's be honest, we've wanted for some time but have never wanted to shell out the beans for one.

Apparently we were swayed by all the awesome reviews (and a credit on Amazon!) because we now have our very own 9-inch Peugeot pepper mill being shipped this week! Isn't she pretty in that curry lacquer hue?!


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