Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Small Things

Much thanks to my husband for expanding my ever-revolving list of magazine subscriptions! To my great delight, he gave me a new one for Real Simple and House Beautiful this Christmas! And wouldn't you know, upon opening up my first issue of RS, I was inspired by this simple little question:

What is one small thing that makes you happy?

The answers readers sent were so sweet and it got me thinking about the small things that make me feel happy. Of course these are so many, but here's what instantly came to mind...

1. Waking up on a rainy Saturday morning and having abolutely nothing to do!

2. That feeling right after I've gone grocery shopping and my fridge and pantry are fully stocked and perfectly organized.

3. Having fresh flowers in my house!

How about you? I would love to know what small things make you happy!

1 comment:

Missy said...

omg...i love #2 too! LOL. I think one small thing that makes me happy is sleeping in and then when i wake up, staying in bed for a while reading a book!

I used to keep a joy journal and every day all I wrote were things that make me happy. Whether it was 1 thing or 10, it was fun! :-)

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