Monday, January 24, 2011

Stop and the Roses?

This weekend was such a productive, fun and relaxing few days! In large part, we dreamed about future landscaping plans for our front and back yard! I suppose the much welcomed warm streak we're having has got us focusing our attentions outdoors. Not only have we been itching to get our hands on our new yard, but the warm weather has got us drooling for Springtime!

With our home, we inherited a very large collection of rose bushes that desperately needed to be cut back. Remember them from the days of yore? While they had definitely seen better days, there were still some blooms when we bought it in early fall:

After getting some solid advice about rose pruning, this weekend we got to work on cutting down the old muck to make room for some new growth. What a great feeling to begin the process of beautifying the outside of our house!

After taking a beating of rain and frost this winter, here's what we had lining our front yard.

Pretty sad, huh?

But with the help of my parents, we were able to chop the old growth off pretty quickly!

And we're thanking our lucky stars that green waste pick-up is today because as you can see, our can is pretty full {ahem, understatement of the century!}.

The finished product is a slightly more bare front yard, which in a few months will be producing a bounty of lovely roses!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Happy Monday!


In R Travels said...

I can't wait to see your beautiful blooms in Spring!!! Maybe I could take a few home with me!!!!! xoxox

Kate said...

Me too! I will send you home with buckets and buckets of fresh flowers, my dear:)

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