Friday, January 7, 2011

Tackling The List...One Weekend at a Time

Hello weekend! How very nice to see you...

You know, for being the first week back from the holidays, it was surprisingly pleasant. Well, besides the whole not being able to go to sleep at a decent hour all week and feeling crazy tired, it really wasn't too bad! And now that the weekend has arrived, my hubby and I have a list of house to-dos.

As his birthday is next Saturday and I am throwing him a poker party, we've yet again a weekend full of projects to tackle! {Fun!}

Here's what I hope to cross off of our list:

  • Clean and organize the garage, where the boys will be playing poker.
  • Install the two pendant lights in our kitchen. Both of which we've had for a few weeks but needed a specific piece before we could install them.
  • Go to Ikea for large frames to house two prints I received for Christmas that will hang in our breakfast nook.
  • Organize the spare room that is currently holding all of the things we have yet to find a place for in our new abode.
  • Make a place for our fire pit so people can hang outside and keep warm.
  • Steam and hem our living room window coverings.
It might not sound too lofty, but I can assure you that garage is a beast and it's driving my husband crazy! Wish us luck and enjoy this cozy, winterish weekend!


1 comment:

Missy said...

hey what about your new year's resolution! add relaxing to your to-do list LOL :-)

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