Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One Sweet Find

As yesterday was President's day, Mom and I decided to swing by Goodwill to take advantage of their 50% off holiday sale. Not really looking for anything in particular, I browsed the home goods department, where I snagged two square Pottery Barn vases as well as a stainless platter (also from PB).

But my real find was discovered while browsing the books. I am always on the hunt for them. Mainly for hardbacks with pretty covers-you know, for decorative purposes:) So you can imagine the happy squeal I let out when I discovered an entire section of these Reader's Digest novels! Look at those fun, bright covers!! (There goes the giddiness again!)

Talk about design on a dime-these puppies were originally marked at $2.49, though I only paid $1.25 thanks to the sweet half-off sale. Score!!

Next time you stop by the Hansen's, don't be surprised if you find them scattered about the house, serving as sweet pops of color :)
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