Friday, February 25, 2011

Rainy Weekend

Happy Friday! Definitely looking forward to the weekend, though it's raining buckets here and they say there's a chance for snow flurries tonight and tomorrow. Absolute craziness-I'll believe it when I see it! Either way, I suppose it's a perfect opportunity to hibernate in my sweats and watch my favorite Audrey Hepburn flicks;)

Have a lovely weekend!

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In R Travels said...

If you ever need company watching Audrey Hepburn... Please give me a call!! I'll bring a treat (incentive)!

Missy said...

fun :-) it's pouring buckets here too! lol.

a few years ago my friend jessi dressed up like audrey hepburn for halloween and she looked just like her!


Kate said...

Haha! Missy, how cute is she?!

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