Monday, March 14, 2011

A Taste of Spring

I love how Spring has a way of bringing nature indoors. Where it's warm enough to open all the windows and enjoy the fresh air, all kinds of flowers are popping up around the house and fresh herbs and produce are suddenly right at my fingertips, straight from my backyard. Doesn't get better than that!

While our tradition is to wait until the first official weekend of Spring to plant our herbs and vegetable garden, we decided to get a head start since we will be out of town next weekend. Not that I am complaining as my favorite springtime cookbook is on the counter, just begging to be opened!

And on another gardening note, my camellias have taken off this past week and are now covered in beautiful blooms. And might I add that after looking at the price of a mature camellia at the nursery this weekend, I am so grateful that we already have two!

I am utterly delighted by the beautiful, cheery colors currently surrounding our abode!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Happy Monday!


Lael said...

I love your lemon tree! It reminds me of growing up in NZ...we had our own tree, and every person on the block seemed to have on too. When I was back last year, I maximized my hosts' lemon tree for curd, cake, etc.

I am so excited for spring to arrive here in B'ham. Thanks for sharing a bit of the beauty of it in your corner of the world!

Kate said...

Thanks for taking a moment to stop by, my friend! I dearly wish I could share lemons with you, though I promise to make your Meyer lemon cake and think of you in the process:)

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