Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tis' The Season

The season to plot out our garden! PS-We are that couple totally geeking out in the garden section of Home Depot-we're cool, we know. On the top of my gardening list this Spring - planting a Meyer lemon tree! It's been one of those desires I tucked away for when we were finally homeowners. And now that it's a reality, my garden department geek-ness has only grown. I bet you didn't think that was possible.

It has only fueled my obsession that a few friends have generously shared heaps of their excess crop. Which, of course, has got me dreaming up all the amazing goodies that could come from having my own supply of lemony goodness, like Meyer lemon marmelade and Meyer lemon pancakes. And if I'm in the mood for savory, Meyer Lemon risotto with Roasted chicken with Meyer lemon sauce. And don't forget about sweet endings like Meyer lemon cake and dare I even go there...Meyer lemon brulee! Sorry, have I gotten carried away?

I didn't think so either. Thanks for understanding.

So lovelies, with Spring right around the corner (18 days, to be exact!) what are your gardening aspirations?



Blythe said...

We'll be working our plot this weekend too! We're going to plant squash, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers! Happy gardening!

Missy said...

so far i'm pretty proud of myself for keeping my basil plant alive...and some bamboo, and a couple other nearly-unkillable plants. :-) LOL

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