Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Twenty-Five in Photos

Happy Tuesday, lovelies! I just wanted to share a little from my lovely weekend!

It was a wonderful combination of surprises and birthday traditions! The weekend started with my sweet husband planning an entire day near the Bay, which consisted of things I've never done yet have always talked about. Mostly scenic places I've wanted to visit. Plus, it was the perfect opportunity to play with my birthday present-a Canon EOS Rebel T2i!!! I LOVE it so much and definitely need to keep playing with it in order to utilize its full potential!

The rest of the weekend included some birthday shopping with my mom, our traditional mani/pedi and some really good eats!

And to top off an already perfect weekend, we indulged in a spa day yesterday, followed by lunch and dessert at one of my favorite little french bistros. It was a perfect way to celebrate turning 25!

Here's a little peek at the weekend festivities!

Superb day in San Francisco! Our first stop was the very large farmers market at the Ferry building, where we lunched and picked up some lovely gourmet chocolates!

Then it was off to Fort Point for some spectacular views of the Golden Gate!

While driving the coastline we were lucky enough to catch this awesome view of the whole city.

Next we took a short hike to the Point Bonita lighthouse. It doesn't get better than this!

My new toy!!

Point Bonita lighthouse

And finally, we went to the Redwoods, something I've been talking about for a while!

Simply magnificent!

And for dinner we had some amazing braised short ribs at March aux Fleurs, a charming little french restaurant just outside of Sausilito!

After what was a total day of relaxation at the Meritage spa in Napa, mom and I lunched at Bistro Jeanty, where we indulged in tomato soup in puff pastry.

and the most incredible creme brulee that has ever touched my tastebuds!

Bistro Jeanty! If you are ever in the Napa area, I highly recommend checking out this little bistro. You will not regret it!

And finally, we took a walk through the sweet town of Yountville and soaked up the gorgeous weather (ahem, and tried to walk off lunch).

All in all, a perfect birthday!


Blythe said...

Happy Birthday!! Looks like you had a fabulous birthday! I can't believe you got a Canon, I really can't believe that Cale and I JUST got the SAME kind! Enjoy 25!

Missy said...

wow! sounds like a great day! the pics are gorgeous and could be postcards!!!

i've always wanted to see the redwoods too! i'm def gonna have to make the trip someday. it looks awesome! :)

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