Friday, May 13, 2011

{BabyBump} Week 12

At just over 2 inches long, baby is now the size of a plum! Can you believe that? I have a little plum-sized baby in there! I can't help but continue to be amazed at how fast our little one is growing!

For the most part, I've felt really great this week. Over the last two weeks or so I am slowly getting my energy back and needing less naps these days. Hooray for being more productive! Intense cravings have subsided a bit, though my overall hunger has once again ramped up. And if I'm being completely honest, if it was possible (and healthy) we would have a steak every night! All I can say is, this baby must be a meat eater because before pregnancy, I hardly (if ever) craved red meat.

And then there's the hormones. Oh , the dear, dear husband!

The bad news this week (ahem, besides said mood swings) is that my sciatic pain is at an all-time high. But the wonderful news, tomorrow I get my first mommy-to-be massage!!! I am stoked! Hopefully having my low back worked on will alleviate some of the discomfort.

When we first told our parents we were expecting, Chris' mom gave us (yes, us!) certificates for monthly massages through the duration of my pregnancy. Is that not the most wonderful thing you have ever heard?! So, one Saturday a month (and actually, twice in October and 3 times in November) hubby and I will be spending our Saturday morning together at Geri's Garden Spa being pampered. Pure bliss!

Wishing you a lovely and extraordinary weekend!

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