Friday, May 20, 2011

{BabyBump} Week 13

This week our sweet pea is the size of a peach and already has tiny fingerprints. It's amazing to think that those same little fingers we will spend so much time kissing in a few months now have their own unique set of prints!

The most exciting thing I experienced this week was a little belly emerging! Enough that it can actually be seen through certain clothes. The sudden "pop" might be due to my uterus tilting forward, as it was previously retroverted (the culprit for my sciatic pain). But that's just my guess. Either way, I'm just happy that baby's growth is finally becoming present in my appearance! I think it makes this whole journey that much more real for me.

On a few random notes:
  • My hormones are still raging like those of a teenage boy, with me getting irrationally angry at bad drivers and crying for no reason at all.
  • I was the happiest girl when last week, one of my clients brought me a batch of my favorite peanut butter and jam cookies!
  • For the first time yesterday, I had to break out my belly band because my favorite pair of jeans wouldn't button comfortably. I may have gotten unexpectedly excited about that.
  • A sweet lady I work with just gave me a bunch of her maternity clothes! I am so excited, especially since most of it is really cute and flowy and doesn't look at all "maternity", which I wish to avoid like the plague. Of course, I don't need them quite yet, but it did inspire me to dig through my closet in search of more comfortable things to wear while I'm in this awkward, transitional stage. Amazing what you can find buried in your own closet!
  • My husband informed me last night that he thinks this baby is a girl because I've been quite "sassy" lately...
Hope you have an amazing weekend!

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i'm almost at the point where my belly band i lamely inadequate. I don't get how people use that the whole time and feel comfortable. Although now that I'm saying that it is probably more that it feels awkward then that it isn't working, LOL. Luckily we have so many cute clothes, and after two I have quite the wardrobe!!! whats cool is that the style right now is these longer shirts that are sort of flowy are in right now, so a lot of my shirts are still working :)
have a great weekend Sassy Lady!

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