Saturday, May 21, 2011

How I Almost Had a Panic Attack

Last night was fairly eventful here at our casa. Picture this:

I woke up at 1:30 last night to a horrible dream. Since I am an extremely vivid dreamer, I was totally shaken up. It also occurred to me that I had to pee (nothing new these days). But my sciatic was absolutely horrendous. So bad in fact, I debated not getting up for the bathroom because I wasn't sure I could even get out of bed without serious pain. I simultaneously realized that Chris was not in bed yet (really weird) and that we forgot to close the garage door last night.

Forcing myself to roll out of bed so I could have Chris close the garage, I hear the dogs begin to bark. And immediately following, a few loud knocks on our garage door. Can we say heart jumping out of chest? I hobbled over to the landing to check if Chris had fallen asleep on the couch, only to find he is nowhere in sight. And then I hear the knock again. Panicked, I shuffle to the front bedroom so I can look out the window, wanting to see if there is a car or something out there. Nothing. At this point the dogs barking is louder and more aggressive (obviously they were scared, too). Of course horrible things are now going through my head. When suddenly I hear Chris shout loudly, "Who the hell is there?". In a tone I might add, even surprised me since he never yells, though it certainly would have startled an intruder.

Turns out it was our neighbor coming to let us know we had left our garage door open. Chris immediately thanked him and apologized profusely for yelling at him. Thankfully, he was completely understanding.

Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure I almost had a heart attack.

Apparently, Chris had just turned the lights out downstairs and was coming up to bed when the dogs started barking. He thought he was hearing things with the first knock, but the second one totally threw him off guard (remember it was 1:30 am), which is why his reaction was so forceful.

A very strange night indeed.

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