Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Steamy Alternative

I have to admit, recently quitting caffeine cold turkey was WAY easier than I expected! Even though doctors will say a cup of coffee a day is fine while you're pregnant, it suddenly seemed less appealing to me (very strange!). Plus, I found a delicious alternative to satisfy the occasional craving for something warm and yummy. Allow me to introduce you to my new "regular", a non-fat hazelnut steamer. It's basically a latte sans the espresso and I am a big fan! In fact, even after baby, I may still be drinking these if I need an afternoon fix, simply because too much caffeine after the morning hours gets me all jittery. Perfect solution!

Have you ever had a steamer? I know of several marathoners who drink them for the extra calcium boost.


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hmmmm interesting :) might have to think about that.

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