Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Welcome Back!

That's what I said to myself yesterday afternoon when for the first time in, oh, 10 weeks, I had the gusto to grocery shop, run errands, meal plan, clean and organize the fridge and pantry, and completely deep clean the downstairs...without several naps. And it felt good!

While I would consider my 1st trimester relatively easy, the lack of energy was the hardest adjustment because it completely threw me off a normal routine. For several weeks I was pretty hard on myself, thinking, "Why can't I seem to keep up with the house cleaning and laundry and normal workouts?". And then someone reminded me of a very important fact: growing a person takes A LOT of energy! Makes sense when you put it that way. So I let go of needing my house to be perfectly organized and relied on my husband for a lot.

But you better believe I was doing a happy dance yesterday when my body wasn't begging to go back to bed at 2pm! All I can attribute this new found energy to is the glorious 2nd trimester I've just entered! I'm looking forward to having a clean house again and I'm sure my husband will be glad to relinquish lunch making duties. Fingers crossed we'll even be able to finish up the long list of home improvements that we temporarily set on the back burner!

Watch out because this girl just entered the nesting phase of pregnancy!


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