Friday, June 3, 2011

{BabyBump} Week 15

At 15 weeks, our little one is now measuring around 4 inches, about the size of a large orange! This week, baby is developing taste buds and the air sacks in his/her lungs are forming! As you can see from this week's picture, my belly is continuing to grow and becoming a more pronounced addition to my figure. {Love it!}

On the hormonal front, I've been extremely vulnerable this week. With my body rapidly changing and clothes beginning to fit differently, getting dressed every morning has become a lot more difficult! Given that all of my pants now refuse to button,  I am officially wearing the belly band every day (thank you, Lord for that brilliant contraption!). But I am constantly reminded that even with my new insecurities, there is no greater joy than knowing these small and temporary physical sacrifices are enabling me to grow our child and that makes it so completely worth every pound gained!!

Exciting news this week: we decided how we will reveal the baby's gender to our families! More on that soon! I'll give you a hint: my taste buds are already happy just thinking about it!

Speaking of taste buds, my biggest craving this week has been for sharp cheddar and strawberries - together. Oh, the heavenly combination!! Though even more heavenly, getting my next prenatal massage tomorrow! I simply cannot think of a better way to kick off the weekend!

Happy Friday!!

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at a baby shower for a friend we had these little desserts that had filling in them and we took a bite and it was either pink or blue, and that's how we found out what the sex was! such a cute idea! i love it!!! I took my mommy and one of my best friends to the ultrasound to find out..that was pretty fun too.

and I discovered the bella band this pregnancy too. I've been working out like crazy, doing p90x and i was so excited to be in the size clothing i was in, that i wanted to relish that as long as i'm still in my skinnier jeans with my bella band and i love that.

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