Friday, June 10, 2011

{BabyBump} Week 16

Here we are, 16 weeks along and our little sweetie pie is measuring about 4 1/2 inches long. According to Babycenter, baby is getting ready for a big growth spurt and in the next few weeks will double in weight and length, which I'm guessing will make this mama extra tired!

In the land of pregnancy, this week has been fantastic! With a bump that almost makes is obvious I'm expecting, I'm beginning to feel more comfortable in my skin. And with vacation one week away, I couldn't be more thankful for that!

My recent food cravings have consisted of Dreyer's all-fruit popsicles, hot chocolate and La Bou tuna sandwiches. And if I get them all in the same day, I'm a happy girl! Though sadly, I also had my first instance of heartburn a few days ago, which was followed by multiple popping of Tums. Ha! Pregnant much?

And it turns out, crazy dreams aren't exclusive to pregnant woman. This week, both my husband and a co-worker had funny dreams about the baby. One of them included me having 12 lb. twins...let's just cross our fingers that one doesn't come true!

Have a great weekend!

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