Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Big Reveal!

In case you have not already heard the news, Baby Hansen is a GIRL!!

And we are overwhelmed, overjoyed and completely ecstatic to meet her! 

The news was revealed to our parents over dinner last night at Ruths' Chris, due to a little bet they had going on over baby's gender. All along, my parents have said girl and Chris' have said boy, so they wagered on it and the "loser" had to pay for dinner ( It was all in good fun though, as nobody had a preference either way!)

So after a grueling wait yesterday, we met for our reservation, ohh-d and ahh-d over the framed sonogram pics we gave our parents and all enjoyed an A-mazing dinner. But because the reveal wasn't going to happen until the waiter brought the check to the losing couple, Chris and I had to bite our tongues all night and hope we didn't slip up and give the gender away. Hardest thing ever! So when it came time for dessert, I pleaded with our waiter (who was having way too much fun with this!) to bring out the check when dessert came because we simply could not wait another minute! 

And with a playful drum roll and much giddy anticipation from everybody, our waiter handed the check to my in-laws! And finally the news was public, we are having a GIRL!

I love their reactions in the picture above because everyone was just so happy!

It was such a fun and wonderful night!


Missy said...

how fun! yay for ruffles!!

also, i love Ruth's Chris! It's so awesome.

Rhe Christine said...

so much fun! and i love how you decided to reveal it.

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