Thursday, June 2, 2011

An Eternal Optimist

In case you haven't heard, California has produced some extremely unseasonable weather these past weeks. We're talking rain, hail and thunder June! And yes I'll admit, it's not ideal and I too, am ready for the gloriously hot days of summer. But honestly, we Californians are such wimps when it comes to any weather varying beyond 75-90 degrees. I dont really mind it so much as I am well aware the heat will return soon and we'll be enjoying margaritas by the pool in no time {virgin for me, of course!}.

Looking on the bright side, here'e why I haven't been cursing the rain:
  • It's kept our lawn from turning completely brown as my husband has spent the past four weekends trying to correct our faulty sprinkler system! We're extremely thankful, as we don't want to be "those" neighbors with the unsightly lawn. Praise the Lord he got them working properly last weekend!

  • Cooler weather has allowed me to continue wearing layers as I make my way through this awkward stage of pregnancy. For me it's a huge blessing because having a cardigan makes me feel a little less vulnerable as I work through the changes of a wider waist:)

  • I never complain when the weather gives me an excuse to bring more soup to our menu! This week alone we've had chili, tortilla soup and our favorite, chicken cassoulet!
So there you have it, my annoyingly optimistic outlook! Have a happy Thursday!


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