Friday, July 1, 2011

{BabyBump} Week 19

Okay, so I know I said that last week had been my favorite week of pregnancy so far, but I would like to cut and paste that statement to this week's post. Hey, pregnancy makes you emotional, why not add indecisive to the mix, right? Finding out that we are having a baby girl is by far the most elated I have, maybe ever!

On our way to our ultrasound appointment Wednesday, Chris and I were discussing how crazy exciting it was going to be to finally know who our baby is and decided that it might be the best surprise in life to hear those sweet words, " It's a boy!" or " It's a girl!". That knowledge allows your mind to wander to a whole new territory that you previously wouldn't let yourself think about. Things like, will SHE have my curly hair or will HE have his daddy's sweet grin? And now we get to imagine the endless possibilities of what her personality will be like and how we will raise her!

This week has opened my eyes to a whole new truth that I am about to be someones parent! Holy cow!! Talk about a major responsibility. Truthfully, it can all get so overwhelming, and so we are praying fervently that God would enable us to be compassionate, understanding and wise parents. I am humbled that He would entrust us with a daughter and am praying daily for grace as I learn to be her mother.

As for these next few weeks, we'll be busy with the nursery, discussing a few names we're considering and of course, Mama (ahem, and Grandma) will be doing some shopping for the little sweet pea! We cannot wait to meet this precious one!


Rhe Christine said...

it really is crazy to think about being entrusted with raising a little person. Even now I still feel so emotional about it all...that however, could be because I'm pregnant again, lol. One of the most invaluable tools to me as a mother (besides the fact that I can be on my knees praying and He will be there) is surrounding myself with like minded friends and finding that parenting support system...oh and the most awesome Dr. Dobson "Raising Girls"...amazing..put it on your shopping list :)

Missy said...

how cute...the chalkboard was a very nice addition :)

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