Friday, July 8, 2011

{BabyBump} Week 20

 Well, baby girl is officially half way baked! We're twenty weeks down and (theoretically) have twenty weeks to go. According to The Bump, I currently have a cantaloupe sized baby in my uterus...looks about right to me! She's growing like crazy and I've been feeling her kicks a ton the past few days. And it seems she's already a big girl! At my last appointment she was measuring a week later than my current due date, though because it's only a week, they won't officially change it.

In other developments, I have been sleeping like a rock lately! For a few months there, I was waking up twice a night on average. But these last few days, I wouldn't hear a train if it wrecked through our house! Not that I'm complaining, since I suspect sleep will soon be a rare commodity.

When it comes to dressing the bump, I'm finding myself most comfortable in dresses these days. Given the summer heat and my quickly shrinking wardrobe, they are the one thing that I can count on to look cute, accentuate the bump and avoid frustration in the morning!

This week we've made huge progress on the nursery! And when I say we, I mean Chris...since he is the super-protective husband who doesn't want his pregnant wife inhaling paint fumes. Such a good man! Of course, I won't be sharing any specifics until it's complete, but it is going to be lovely!!

No real cravings to speak of and I'm pretty much back to my normal eating pattern. Which I'm thankful for because baby's tastebuds are now fully formed and they say babys tend to be more comfortable with foods they experienced in the womb. Let's just say my desire for her to get a healthy start has made me more intentional with my own diet. And that means less dessert and more veggies. However, lately my sweet snack has been a few graham crackers spread with Nutella and I wouldn't be completely heartbroken if she came into the world with a soft spot for Nutella :)

And since I am 100% commited to natural childbirth, I am currently making my way through some books I recently purchased on the subject. Oddly enough, I'm getting really excited as I begin preparing myself mentally! As scary as it could be, I am completely amazed at the whole birth process and can't wait to bring our little one into the world!

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Missy said...

first - i LOVE nutella. omg, it's so amazing. i've been mixing it in with my oatmeal and my banana at breakfast and it's so awesome. ahhhh.

secondly - natural childbirth! omg, you are exponentially braver than i am! go you!

can't wait to see the nursery!

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