Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Grandmas Gone Wild!

After several months of exercising a great deal of restraint, the Grandmas finally have the green light to shop for pink and ruffles! You have no idea what fun we've had this past week!

Right after we announced baby's gender, my mom surprised Chris and me with some wonderful gifts!

The first was the diaper bag I've been drooling over for months. It's from Vera Bradley and I absolutely LOVE it! I looked at so many different bags, but kept coming back to this particular one. Because I own several Vera Bradley bags, I know they are crazy durable, washable and always have tons of pockets for organization. Plus, the pattern is so girly and feminine!

And because I believe that my husband shouldn't have to carry around a "girly and feminine" bag when he and baby are solo, we looked into a bag he would like to have. Graciously, she also gifted us with the one he had his eye on. An ode to the Raiders, obviously! He actually may have been as giddy about his as I was about mine!

And a bonus, she filled them with a few diaper bag essentials:
Life Factory glass bottles (not pictured because they were on back order)

But it didn't stop there! Our little girl's closet is now well on its way to being full...luckily, the nursery has its own walk-in closet, so she's got plenty of room!

Grandma Joan always knows where to find the good deals. And because of this fact, she hit up the Carters big summer sale (along with several others) like it was nobody's business! And now, Sweet Pea, you've got the beginnings of a wonderful little wardrobe.

ps-the two pics above are the same row of clothes, just different angles :)

And of course, Grandma Jeannine made sure you were prepared to represent the Giants!

Darling girl, you are so blessed with two AMAZING grandmas who cannot wait to meet you and spoil you like only grandmas can!!

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Missy said...

yayyyy shopping! love the vera bradley!

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