Friday, August 12, 2011

{BabyBump} Week 25

This week has been a whirlwind of sorts with more family in town, Chris changing jobs and all the other craziness that has ensued. And I must admit, I'm finally feeling my energy begin to taper a little. It must be the third trimester just around the corner and the fact that Baby Girl is growing at lightning speed that's causing me to, once again, need the occasional afternoon nap and a suddenly increased food intake! I also attribute her recent growth to the tightness in my lower abdomen and sharp pangs in my ribs-oh, the lovely growing pains.

But even in the midst of a hectic week and minor discomforts, I have no complaints. Especially with a sweet husband who indulges me with long foot rubs, makes up songs to sing for Baby Girl and continues to tell me that I'm beautiful (even when it's the last thing I feel). I am a lucky woman!

Looking forward to the next few days with a day trip to Lake Tahoe, Sunday brunch and relaxing poolside, as they should be just the ticket for a little R&R!

Have a great weekend!

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