Friday, August 19, 2011

{BabyBump} Week 26

Baby Girl is twenty-six weeks along and I can hardly believe we are nearly two-thirds of the way through this pregnancy! Honestly, I am still blown away by what a miracle it is that my body is growing our baby! Every single physical change is and has been completely worth the prize in the end! But I must say, she's already a wild child with her crazy acrobatics that completely catch me off guard! The other night I was sitting in bed talking to Chris and we literally saw her start dancing around (or so it looked like!). I adore how her little personality is already coming forth!

This week I must have really popped because suddenly I've experiencing a good ole' case of chivalry from people everywhere. Random strangers are suddenly more conscious to open doors for me, restaurant hostesses are fondly telling me that I look cute while of course looking at my belly and my clients nearly refuse to let me lift more than 30 lbs. without some kind of assistance. I'm slowly learning to embrace it (especially that last one!). And this is in addition to getting those lovely little cliche compliments like, "You are glowing" and "Wow, you're all belly!". People can be so darn sweet!

And you know, it's surprised me how much I truly don't mind that my belly has suddenly become public property. How can I complain when others just want to feel our little pumpkin squirming around? She is loved and I definitely cherish that!

Hang on to your hats because the third and final trimester is just around the corner, which means birthing classes are about to start, the nursery will soon be revealed and things are about to get a little crazy at the Hansen's!

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