Friday, August 26, 2011

{BabyBump} Week 27

We've made it to week 27 and according to Fit Pregnancy, our girl is now about the size of a small pot roast, which I fully believe as she has officially taken over my belly! Her kicks are now happening long! I love it and I love knowing that she's growing and healthy, however, this week has been peppered with some interesting pregnancy woes...

Let's just say I am now beginning to feel the discomforts of pregnancy. Mostly when I sleep, try to bend over and generally stay on my feet too long, but I can finally say that I feel pregnant! Sleeping has been okay for the most part, though I am now waking up a few times a night and having trouble getting back to sleep (especially when leg cramps are involved). And then there's the pee breaks every 30-45 minutes (no exaggeration!) which are nothing short of embarrassing when you're with the same people for a few hours. And finally, I experienced for the first time last week, the inability to bend over and buckle my sandals:(  Of course my husband graciously did the job for me (while we both laughed). I continue to be amazed at how rapidly my body is changing and how something I could do yesterday is a faint memory today.

But on the up side, we have much to look forward to this week with my third and final trimester beginning Wednesday, taking our first Bradley birthing class this weekend and getting the nursery ready to reveal next week!!

Hope you have some fun plans this weekend!

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