Thursday, August 18, 2011

Choosing Cloth

I've been trying to mentally formulate this post for months, but before I shared why we are choosing to use cloth diapers instead of disposables, I wanted to have some pictures for you (obviously!). And now that we have our own set of 30 bumGenius dipes, the time has come to indulge you in our thoughts, findings and excitement over cloth diapering!

Let me start by saying that I completely understand if you're skeptical, as I have received countless stares like I have three eyes when I tell people we are going cloth (including my own mother at first). But the misconception that they are your mother's bulky, safety-pinned contraption is so 20 years ago. People can barely believe that today's cloth diapers are so convenient and practical! Plus, they are adorable (a definite perk!).

Allow me to begin with the top reasons we chose this route: 

I am the first to admit that we've been more conscious of our budget with our family expanding and that alone made this choice a no brainer for us. When I first began my research, I came across a jaw-dropping fact: the average family spends $50+ on diapers a month. And take into consideration that you pay that until baby is potty trained (between 2-3 years). Yikes! And then add a few more kiddos to the mix. That's a serious dent in your wallet! Obviously, we were enticed by the one-time cost of cloth.

Of course, with cloth diapers you are required to shell out the funds up front.  But knowing it was the route we wanted to take, we shopped around and waited until they went on sale, buy 5, get 1 free, which saved us a whopping $90! So while our set of 30 diapers cost $449, they will pay for themselves in about 7 months (a few sets were even given to us as gifts). And did I mention that they can be used for multiple kids? So let's say we have 3 kids. In their lifetime, we will have only spent $149 on their diapering needs!

Baby Friendly
Countless reviews have claimed that after switching from disposables to cloth diapers, their babies no longer experienced diaper rash as the natural cotton fibers allow the skin to breath more easily. And I love knowing that my baby won't have harsh chemicals and dyes against her skin. According to several studies I came across, about 75% of babies who use disposables get diaper rash as compared to about 7% who use cloth. Statistics like those speak for themselves.

This particular brand we choose makes a one-size diaper option, fitting babies 7-35+ lbs. Which means that with a 2 year old still in diapers, your newborn can be wearing the same ones, thanks to this genius design. Basically, the 30 diapers we already have will hopefully see us through all of our kids diapering years. Sweet!

And don't let me forget the glorious fact that they look and go on just like regular diapers, making them that much easier for grandparents, friends and babysitters to use.

And finally, there is the obvious reprieve on the planet to consider when eliminating all that waste of disposables. We have a little more peace of mind knowing that we're not contributing to the insane amount of diapers stuck in our landfills.

So why bumGenius?
From all of my research, I concluded that bumGenius offers the best warranty in the business, making me that much more confident of my purchase. And in addition to the overwhelming positive reviews I read online about these particular diapers, the majority of friends who offered me advice preferred them to all other brands.

So there you have it, a quick summary of why we have decided to go cloth. Who knew you could get so excited about diapers, yet I find myself passionately singing their praises to anyone and everyone who will listen (and I haven't even used them yet!).


Missy said...

i wonder how many daipers a day a newborn goes though? i'd be thinking about how much time i was spending doing laundry! lol. i'm sure cloth diapering is still a significant cost savings...i just wonder how much money and time you'd be spending on soap/water/time! LOL

very cute diapers! and those sound like some great reasons!

Missy said...

oops i mean soap/water/laundry lol

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