Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh My!

Let me just confess that summer + pregnancy = Popsicle obsession! Though this summer, I've gone through them far too quickly to deal with making them myself, as I have in previous years. But these two intriguing combinations have me reconsidering my diy efforts! Excuse me, but Avocado and Blackberry & Greek yogurt? Are you joking me?? Pardon the drool...these are definitely on my list to make before Summer comes to a close!

And just in case you, too want a healthy dose of Popsicle nirvana, here are the recipes.



Rhe Christine said...

now I might give that yogurt one a try, but the avocado one makes this preggo mama wanna barf! LOL!

Kate said...

Ha! Rheanna, you crack me up:) I guess I can see that, but I have absolutely craved all things avocado with this little one:)

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