Friday, September 9, 2011

{BabyBump} Week 29

We are fast approaching the 30 week mark and all I keep thinking is how fast this pregnancy has gone by! In addition to the fact that people now confidently ask me when I'm due, as opposed to simply wondering, "Is she pregnant or just gaining weight?", there have been a lot of exciting happenings this week!

First of all, I finally purchased my first 2 pair of maternity jeans at Gap last weekend! In a word: fabulous! I absolutely love them and I love that they don't look "mom-ish" at all! Plus, it became necessary when last week, upon pulling up my pre-pregnancy pants, I felt seriously uncomfortable (doing some growing this week, baby girl?).

Secondly, I was contacted by the editor of Baby Lifestyles this week, asking if we would be interested in having our nursery featured!! I am beyond excited! We put so much time, effort and love into the details of our Sweet Pea's room and are completely flattered to have the opportunity to inspire others!

And finally, Chris and I are learning so much in our Bradley classes! We are so glad we decided to take classes outside of what the hospital offers and really get an understanding of what goes on in the body during pregnancy, how to prepare for all different situations, what to expect of a natural birth in a hospital setting, breastfeeding, making a solid birth plan and how to best care for our unborn little miracle! And, it's really brought us closer as a couple, since the whole focus of Bradley is that Chris is my birthing coach. I honestly feel like we are doing this together!

I'm looking forward to an entire weekend of crafting and getting our home ready for Autumn! Hope you have a delightful few days!

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