Monday, October 31, 2011

Adventures in Apple Hill

This weekend we made our way up the hill for our annual trip to Apple Hill! But unlike the past two years we've gone, this weekend graced us with a beautiful, sunny afternoon! It was a great time, complete with apple doughnuts and a few fun pics in the pumpkin patch and may have ended with my husband purchasing an entire apple pie to take home...! Oh, how I heart Fall!

Happy Halloween!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

{BabyBump} Week 36

With less than a month to go, we're feeling giddiness and anticipation in a BIG way!

Things of note this week:

Practically everyone I come across is now asking me when I'm due, whether it be cashiers, people at the gym or the mailman (seriously) and I love telling them 4 weeks!

I suddenly have an uncontrollable addiction to Honey Bunches of Oats. I won't even bother admitting how quickly I finished off a box last week. And by box, I mean the double bag from Costco...

My doctor has confirmed that Baby Girl has definitely started to drop, which I suspected as I am starting to experience some major pressure in my pelvis. This picture is a bit deceiving, as my maternity jeans do a great job at propping my lower belly up a bit. Just take my word for it, she is getting low!

From here on out my preggo massages are WEEKLY until baby comes! I have honestly never felt so pampered in my entire life:)
Here's to hoping these  next 26 days (give or take a few) pass quickly! We can't wait to meet our little peanut!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday's Thought


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Because I'm Old School

Confession: I have a serious fetish with stationary. It likely stems from my deep love of receiving real mail, as opposed to an email or text. Either way, I always like to have an ample supply of pretty stationary in case, on a whim, I decide to write a friend a little note to say "Hello" or send a meaningful thank you. And until recently, I've had quite the over-supply. In fact, about a year ago I vowed to refrain from buying any more until I used up what I had. And finally, that supply has dwindled down to just a few cards, making me giddy to re-stock!

After browsing some of my favorite sites, I've landed on a few designs I am completely smitten with! Turns out, I'm really digging personalized cards right now! Who knew?

Here are some of my faves:


Anyone else love getting real mail? How about other suggestions on where to find great, unique stationary?  I would love to hear!

photos {here, here, here, here and here}

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{Showered} with Love

As I mentioned earlier this month, Baby Girl and I were recently blessed with an over-the-top, beautiful baby shower! It was absolutely perfect in every way and left Chris and I feeling so loved and overwhelmed by our family and friend's generosity!

I really want to thank all of the lovely hostesses who made this shower so absolutely amazing! My Aunt C and my Grandma (So happy you were there, Grams!!) even flew out from Illinois to be here and help with everything! In addition to coming up with some really creative and lovely ideas the entire month ahead of time, my aunt also did all of the gorgeous flower arrangements! Aunt C, it would not have been the same without you:) My dear friend Parris, my one-of -a-kind Mom, my mother-in-law Jeannine and generous friend, Loretta-you are all such incredible and talented woman and I am so lucky to to call you friends and family!!

We had so many dear family members and friends make the trip to celebrate Baby Girl that I can't help but feel insanely blessed by you all!

So let's get down to the details, shall we? From the beautiful color palette, to the perfectly put together brunch (yes, my FAVORITE meal!), to all the girly details (hello, vintage lace tablecloths , burlap runners and homemade muslin napkins!), I couldn't have dreamed up a better party!

Brunch Menu: 
Chocolate and Strawberry milk
Yogurt bar with fresh fruit and granola
Vegetable frittatas
Maple bacon
Spinach salad
Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches
Assorted French desserts and doughnut holes

Thank you Isabel, for capturing all the lovely details!

All photography credits to Isabel Ollinger

Monday, October 24, 2011

If Elvis Had a Cookie...

This little combo would have been his signature! I found this recipe last week and just knew I had to try it! I mean, who can resist a good peanut butter, banana, chocolate combo? Not me-especially when it's a clean version! They were everything I hoped they would be and perfectly crisp right out of the oven (making it far too difficult to stop after just one!).

Banana & Peanut Butter Flaxseed Cookies
recipe from Clean Eating Magazine

2 cups whole-wheat pastry flour
2 tbsp ground flaxseed
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp sea salt
1 medium banana, mashed
3/4 cup pure maple syrup
1 cup unsalted natural peanut butter
2 tsp pure vanilla
1/4 cup mini dark chocolate chips, optional

Preheat oven to 350°F. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper.
In a medium bowl, combine flour, flaxseed, baking soda and salt. Set aside.
In a large bowl, mash banana with a fork. Stir in maple syrup, peanut butter and vanilla until well combined.
Add flour mixture to banana mixture, stirring just to combine; do not over-mix. Fold in chocolate chips, if desired. Drop dough by rounded tablespoons onto baking sheet. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes, until lightly browned. Transfer sheet to a wire rack to cool slightly, about 2 minutes. Remove cookies from sheet and let cool directly on rack.

Friday, October 21, 2011

{BabyBump} Week 35

With just 5 weeks to go, I am finally settling into some of those pregnancy discomforts people talk about. More specifically, I am more tired, have near-constant swollen feet these past few days and feel as if there is a bowling ball sitting on top of my bladder! Hello, bathroom break every 30 minutes... But I find it to be a bit comical because until this week, I've really been pretty comfortable! Last weekend Chris actually said to me, "Honey, I think you just realized you're pregnant!". :) And I think he's right, physically! But don't think a little discomfort has slowed me down much, as I'm still working and feeling surprisingly energetic (most of the time, at least)!

On the work front, my plan is to work as long as I can. Because for one, it's keeping me sane (and focused on something other than my never ending lists of to-dos) and secondly, I like my job, so it seems silly to be sitting around impatiently when I could be doing something productive and enjoyable! Plus, I'm going to miss my clients while I'm off! So unless my doctor orders otherwise, I will be working until the week I'm due:)

Other than that, Chris and I are just enjoying our last few weeks of spontaneous dates nights and sleeping-in on the weekends as a family of two before our Sweet Pea arrives!

p.s. Our maternity photos came yesterday! Check them out here in case you missed the post yesterday:)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Maternity Photos {A Preview!}

Eek!! The photos from our maternity session are here and I wanted to share some of our faves with you! These were done by the lovely Sarah Dawson (she also did these!). I am thrilled with how they came out and so happy we'll have a tangible reminder of this incredible chapter in our lives! Thanks a million, Sarah!!

p.s. I'll be posting a bigger selection to Facebook soon:)

'Til Death Do Us Part

Have you guys read the story that's been all over the news about the couple who died holding hands? It's so sweet and I really loved this article that gives a little insight on their marriage and their life! Honestly, what a way to go, hand-in-hand with your true love!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Enjoy The Ride

As I am now in the home stretch of pregnancy (35 days, but who's counting!), I want to embrace every last moment before our little one arrives! As much as I can't wait to meet our daughter, I know that I will miss being pregnant. This journey has been new and exciting to us in every way and my goal is to savor each second (as difficult as that may get in the coming weeks)!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Snack Savvy


 Snack Nirvana!

These chips coupled with this amazing hummus is quite possibly my new favorite snack! So much in fact, that despite having two containers of hummus and a huge bag of these chips (ahem, we just went to Costco), I hesitated telling my husband what a fab combo they made, in fears that he might agree and eat them all! Horrible, right? I'm hoarding hummus! Bus alas, I did share and he does agree it's a pretty delish duo. Don't you think that warrants trying them for yourself? 

No seriously, what are you waiting for...? 

Happy snacking!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Freezing Meals: Part 2

I give you installment two of my meal freezing adventures (read more on Part 1 here)! Chris and I should now be well-prepared for the upcoming days of not having the time to prepare our favorites, as our little one will be occupying much of our precious spare moments! I'm excited and motivated to continue doing this in the future, since it really takes no more time to double up a batch of a good, freezable soup or hearty meal and freeze it for later!

Our final efforts left us with four soups and a lasagna my mother-in-law made me (which separated into 4 meals for 2). My mom and I quadrupled each recipe, leaving us each several meals worth of soups! And not only was it a productive Sunday afternoon, but we had fun in the process! I will definitely be doing this again!

Here's a glimpse at the fruits of our labor:

Turkey Chili 

This is the simplest chili recipe of all time! It is always my fall back if I am not trying out some new, fancy version. Of course, feel free to change it up to your liking-I happen to like mine with a bit more corn and sometimes I like to mix kidney and black beans:)

1 lb. ground turkey, browned
1 can no-salt added corn, drained
2 cans kidney beans, drained and rinsed
1 large container salsa
2 packets chili seasoning
Mix all ingredients in a large stock pot. Cook over medium heat for about 1-2 hours. Though the longer you cook, the better the flavors will meld together.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Because the noodles don't freeze very well, we opted to leave them out. As it is easy enough to add them when reheating the soup. Of course, omitting them gives you the freedom to switch it up with wild rice as my husband prefers.

1 (3 to 4-pound) whole chicken, cooked and shredded
1 quart low-sodium chicken broth
2 medium onions, roughly chopped
2 carrots, roughly chopped
2 celery stalks, roughly chopped
2 Tbsp, olive oil
2 cubes chicken bullion
salt and pepper to taste
1/4 lb. egg noodles (or wild rice)

Heat olive oil over medium-high heat in a dutch oven. Add onions and cook until soft (3-4 minutes). Add celery and carrots and cook until softened (another 3-4 minutes). Add chicken stock, bullion and shredded chicken, cooking until heated through. If adding noodles, pour into soup about 5 minutes before serving. Add salt and pepper to taste.

 A new favorite of ours and a perfect accompaniment to grilled paninis on a chilly day! Plus, this soup is a cinch to make.

This is my all-time favorite soup and so worth the prep time! It embodies the wonderful flavors of Fall and  comforts the soul with just a few sips.

And there you have it, my first adventure in meal freezing (on a large scale, anyway)!
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