Friday, October 14, 2011

{BabyBump} Week 34

This week in pregnancy...

I experienced one of those funny moments where you simply cannot deny you have a baby smooshing your insides. During a 1-hour trip to Target, I made three (nope, that's not a typo) trips to the bathroom. Baby Girl, while you've been a lovely womb-mate thus far, you have got to stop using mama's bladder as a punching bag!

And considering that we've had baby on the brain all week, I'm feeling quite good about all we've gotten accomplished. Here's a little rundown:

All baby clothes, cloth diapers and blankets are washed and put away
Some of our favorite meals have been prepared and frozen
Our car seat is installed
Carbon Monoxide and smoke detectors have been installed in every room
After a shopping trip to Target, all remaining baby essentials have been purchased
Hospital bags are slowly being packed, so as not to forget anything important

And in the next few weeks we plan to have our carpets steam cleaned and the house deep cleaned, I think once that is done, I will finally be able to sit back, relax and wait for our sweetie to arrive!

On a very exciting note, my co-workers threw me a lovely baby shower earlier this week! I am truly overwhelmed at everyone's generosity in helping us prepare for our baby girl!

Oh, and I got a sneak peak at the pictures from my first baby shower! They are wonderful and I am so giddy to see the rest next week!!

Here's a tiny glimpse...

Can't wait to show you the rest!!


Missy said...

how cute, you're really growing! :-D

my sister just found out today that she's having a little boy! :-D

Kate said...

Ah, how exciting!! You're going to have a little nephew:)Congratulations!

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