Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Because I'm Old School

Confession: I have a serious fetish with stationary. It likely stems from my deep love of receiving real mail, as opposed to an email or text. Either way, I always like to have an ample supply of pretty stationary in case, on a whim, I decide to write a friend a little note to say "Hello" or send a meaningful thank you. And until recently, I've had quite the over-supply. In fact, about a year ago I vowed to refrain from buying any more until I used up what I had. And finally, that supply has dwindled down to just a few cards, making me giddy to re-stock!

After browsing some of my favorite sites, I've landed on a few designs I am completely smitten with! Turns out, I'm really digging personalized cards right now! Who knew?

Here are some of my faves:


Anyone else love getting real mail? How about other suggestions on where to find great, unique stationary?  I would love to hear!

photos {here, here, here, here and here}

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