Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nursery: Featured!

Our nursery feature was posted on Baby Lifestyles earlier this week! After two months of putting together the perfect nursery for our little one, we were ecstatic to show family and friends! And with all the time, love and sweat that went into the transformation, Chris and I are so proud of the finished product! So you can imagine how giddy I was to receive an email from Baby Lifestyles asking to feature our nursery! We couldn't be more flattered!

Follow this link to check it out: Nursery Feature

I love Baby Lifestyles


Rhe Christine said...

amazing!!! so the window curtains are re-purposed blankets from ikea? cool!!!

also, you know what I love love love about this room. Is that it is so transitional...from age to age...and even when she's older, there are so many pieces that I could see her keeping in the room, as long as the girly chic, paris stuff continues to be her style. I mean, I want all that stuff in my room! LOL

Missy said...

how exciting! i love that they listed where you got everything! :-D

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