Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Claire Elizabeth {1 Month}


Happy one month, Baby Girl! I feel like we blinked and the month passed before our eyes! But these past four weeks have by far been the most incredible, rewarding and unbelievably precious weeks of our lives. You are such a blessing to Mama and Daddy (and so many other who love you!) and we simply can't imagine life without you in it.

Claire, you are such a doll; perfect in every way! We thank Jesus for you every day and are trusting that He will help us to raise you with grace, truth and love. We are so thankful to have you here for the Christmas season. You have opened our eyes to what the season is really about and we couldn't ask for a more incredible earthly gift!

Sweet girl, while this past month has consisted mostly of you sleeping, eating and pooping, we have passed the days by fawning over you! It's incredible how little we can get accomplished because all we want to do is stare at you:)  Though this past week and a half, you have been more awake and alert during the day, which has got you in a lovely sleep pattern! Thank you for that, baby girl!!

As we enter your second month of life, I am trying my best not to be sad that you are growing right before my eyes! And instead reminding myself how grateful we are that you are healthy! Darling girl, you have already brought us more joy than we have ever known and we love you to the moon (and back)!

All my love xoxo,

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Missy said...

precious. 1 month already!

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