Monday, January 30, 2012

Master Bedroom: Closet Progress & A Tour

So much for accountability, huh? Remember when I said we were going to finish our closet in September? Yeah, that didn't happen. We started strong and then the hassle of deciding to build a closet organizer or purchase one got the better of us and we moved on, putting the disaster we call our closet on the back burner-again!

Luckily, with some nudging from my friend who was curious if we had ever finished, we started back up and I am happy to say it is almost complete! I know, I know, it's about time!

Here's where we are today:

  • Our clothes have been purged and a large trip to Goodwill was made.
  • We took down the wooden rod that was admittedly bowing from the weight of my clothes and two metal rods were added to accommodate both mine and Chris' clothes. Not only does that make them more sturdy, but it's a far more efficient use of the space!
  • And finally, after pricing out materials, we decided it was actually cheaper to purchase the 5x5 Expedit shelving unit from Ikea (which we scored for $179 with the Ikea family discount this month!). It fits like a glove, making the most of our closet space.
We are so happy with the progress so far! Now I just need to find the perfect fabric to cover both closets and this project will be closed-thank heavens!

Click here for a glimpse at the before.

And while we're on the Master Bedroom, I thought I would give you a little tour of its current state (something I realized I have never done!).

On our list to complete the bedroom:

  • Replace ceiling fan
  • Purchase and possibly refinish nightstands
  • Upgrade to a Cal King bed
  • Get a full size mirror (like this one)
  • Eventually put up crown molding
  • And I'm still playing with the idea of building a headboard

I'll keep you updated! Happy Monday!!


Life with the Ellwoods said...

We have that full length mirror because it's like the ones from the resort we honeymooned at and we love it!

Kate said...

Really?! It is beautiful and I've been wanting it for some time, sadly they have raised the price from $99 to $129 due to its popularity:( Now I'm trolling Craigslist for one like it's nobody's business for a better deal:)

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