Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Breastfeeding Musts From A Natural Mama

These past three months with Claire have taught me so much! Mainly, with motherhood you learn a lot as you go and every mom's experience is so different. But also, some of the most valuable advice I have received is from other mama's who have been where I am and have shared what worked for them. So I wanted to pass on the goodwill to you from my own personal experience!

I am exclusively breastfeeding Claire and as a whole, it has been wonderful! I love that she is reaping all of the health benefits from nursing and the bond it has created between the two of us is priceless! I have not had any trouble with milk production or latching. However, there is definitely an adjustment period for a nursing mama. With the help of a few awesome products the adjustment period was short and relatively painless for us. So from one mama to another, here are a few things that have made the whole process a bit more comfortable for me!

Natural Nipple Butter-This stuff seriously saved my life the first few weeks of Claire's life! As my body has adjusted to nursing I need it far less, but thankfully this has more uses than just nipple duty! Because of it's olive oil base and awesome moisturizing properties, I have also used it on my dry lips and it healed like a charm! Nipple Butter uses an olive oil base (instead of lanolin) and soothing Calendula to protect that sensitive area and is completely safe for baby so there's no need to wipe off before nursing!

Bamboobies- In an ongoing effort to reduce waste and save some green, I really wanted to go with re-useable nursing pads. My only trouble was finding a brand with decent reviews. Thankfully, just when I was about to give up I came across Bamboobies! The reviewers raved about their comfort, durability through washings, thin design that doesn't show through shirts and superior ability to withstand leakage. I was (almost) sold! Truthfully, I was initially a bit reluctant to pull the trigger as they were a little on the pricey side (I paid $30 for 4 pair). But I have to tell you, they have been worth every penny and actually pay for themselves in a few weeks when compared to disposables. Not only have they held up to leakage like you wouldn't believe, but they are so comfy I can't even feel them! If you're leaning toward re-useable pads, please do yourself a favor and order yourself some Bamboobies!

Booby Tubes- Like I said, those first few weeks of nursing took some getting used to and these Booby Tubes were wonderful! They are essentially mini-heating pads filled with all-natural flax seed that can be used hot or cold, depending on your needs. Incredibly helpful in easing discomfort, encouraging letdown, preventing clogged ducts, soothing infection if necessary (thankfully, something I haven't experienced!) and good for reducing swelling when you are weaning.

And while I'm on the topic of sharing baby products, I should tell you that I have completely fallen in love with Earth Mama Angel Baby! They are a company who stands by honest, organic products for mom and baby and I am happy to recommend them to any mama and mama-to-be! Having used several of their products, I would also highly recommend these products from EMAB that I have used and love:

Angel Baby Bottom Balm  (safe for cloth diapers!)
Angel Baby Lotion

 And just a little tip: like them on Facebook and get notified of their weekly FB Friday deals where a specific item is always 50% off!

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