Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Claire Elizabeth {3 Months}

My sweet, sweet Claire, you are without a doubt the most precious 3-month old there ever was! This month's photo shoot completely captures you as little Miss Personality and we absolutely adore everything about you!

This past month you went from finding your voice to chatting non-stop. Your constant cooing combined with that sweet smile of yours completely overwhelms us with joy!  And after several weeks of being right on the brink, you finally gave us your first laugh two nights ago! What a sweet sound! Little girl, you have no idea how loved you are! 

Currently, your favorite things include: bath time, playing with your tongue and being in your birthday suit! You are now napping regularly about every 2-3 hours. Mommy loves having your schedule down, as it makes planning out our day much easier! In addition, we have learned your cries and are much better at soothing you when you're upset. Praise the Lord for that!

You are growing so quickly that I'm afraid to blink! We recently transitioned you to your crib and you did so well! Although it was a little emotional for me not having you in our room, you slept like a champ, so I can't complain. At 11 weeks we moved you into your 6 month clothes. Little girl, it's a good thing you have an entire wardrobe of clothes for your first 18 months (not that it keeps your grandmas from continuing to buy you more clothes!). What can I say, you are so fun to shop for! And as of last night, you have sprouted your first tooth! I'm hoping this isn't an indication that you do everything early, as I'm not sure your Daddy and I could handle it...but on the other hand, we wouldn't complain if you were potty trained ahead of schedule:)

I am deeply thankful to have the privilege of spending my days with you, Claire! Watching you learn and explore the world around you is priceless and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Happy first Valentines Day, Love Bug!

All my love,


Rhe Christine said...

wow you lucky duck!! an adorable little girl, sleeping wonderfully, transitioning beautifully and a tooth!!! crazy!!!

Faith said...

she is so precious. and that outfit is the cutest! so sweet :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Missy said...

so so so cute!!! :-D

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