Thursday, February 2, 2012

Entryway {Re-Done}

For several months now I've been plagued with the dilemma of how to control the pile of shoes at our front door. Since our entryway isn't very big, I didn't want anything that would be too obtrusive and possibly be a tripping hazard, but I knew I wanted it to look like a designated entryway.

After finding what I believe to be the perfect solution, I am entirely convinced that this piece was made for our space! We went with this shoe organizer from Ikea's Hemnes collection. Once Chris finished putting it together we both stepped back and fell completely in love. It couldn't be a more perfect fit! I've got to hand it to Ikea, they sure do have a knack for making the most of small spaces!

It fits up to 8 pairs of shoes (and more if they're flip flops or flats!). Amazing for such a slim design!

I'm so excited to have another thing crossed off of our list! Next up: the laundry room!


Faith said...

i love that! i've never been to IKEA before. i am going to beg hubby to go with me this summer since the closest one is 4 hours away! ugh.

your house is beautiful!

Kate said...

Oh, you definitely need to get yourself there soon! :) it's wonderful, but just prepare to be a little overwhelmed your first time! And thank you for the sweet compliment! It's coming along, one project at a time:)

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