Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Claire Elizabeth {4 Months}

Four months already, my Love?! You are literally growing and learning new things every day and it's so much fun to watch! I know I will continue to say this over and over, but you get more fun every day as you learn to interact with us and as your personality continues to develop. Not only are you sweet as sugar, you are funny, too! And I swear you know it!

Currently, your favorite activities include: looking at and talking to yourself in the mirror (which you could do for hours!), sitting up in your Bumbo or highchair because you just love seeing everything around you and anything that involves being naked! You have also recently become very aware of Abby's presence and love to reach out and grab pet her. Thankfully, the love is mutual and she is more than willing to let you throw your little hands in her face, as long as you don't mind her slobbery, wet kisses! I can't wait to see you grow up with her!

You are now in full-fledged teething mode and have become a certified drool monkey, which also means you are constantly sticking anything and everything in your mouth. Thankfully you're not yet mobile, so that typically just entails your clothes, your hands and your toys (especially Sophie the giraffe!). And Mommy and Daddy are counting our blessings that teething hasn't seemed to bother you at all!

As far as developments, we've been working a lot on sitting up and we are constantly amazed at how strong you are! We've got a feeling it's only a matter of weeks before you are sitting up like a pro. Because of that, we recently pulled out your Jenny Jump-Up and put you in the park swings for the first time! Both were a success! Now if we could only get you interested in rolling over. You love your tummy time, but seem perfectly content just propping yourself up on your arms and chatting with us!

In addition to your silly, chatty little personality, you are one of the most relaxed, laid-back babies ever! We just love that you can go anywhere and be held by anyone and be perfectly content. I realize we may be a little bias, but you are also the most beautiful little girl on the planet! You have completely stolen your Daddy's heart with those stunning brown eyes! We have yet to determine if your hair is going to stay dark brown since you've now got some auburn tones coming through-lucky girl!

Sweet girl, if only you knew how much joy you bring us. Not a day passes that I am not overwhelmed by God's grace because of you! I am so blessed to be your mommy and love you more than you can possibly imagine!

Happy 4 months, Princess!!

All my love,

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Missy said...

i can't get enough of those arm rolls! :-D

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