Monday, March 5, 2012

My Green Challenge

Happy Monday, friends! Can you believe it is already March?

For whatever reason, March seems to be a month I like to challenge myself. The past two years this challenge had to do with sweets. More specifically, eliminating them for the entire month. But these past few weeks I'm realizing what I really need is more diversity when it comes to the produce I eat regularly and I would really love to shake it up a bit! After all, Spring and Summer have so many wonderful offerings when it comes to great produce!

This month I have decided to increase my green smoothies from one to two a day. I am hoping to inspire some great new combinations and also to make the second smoothie of the day include more veggies than fruit. I technically started this morning after a rather lovely trip to Whole Foods yesterday, where I filled up on tasty fruits and greens!

I'm really excited to discover new flavors and I am hoping that some of you could pass on some delicious smoothie combos you have tried and loved!

Here's what I enjoyed this morning:

1 Bunch Green Grapes
1 Banana
1/3 Cucumber
1 Blood Orange
3 Stalks Kale
1 Pouch Sol Bliss Papaya Puree

The result: unbelievably tasty! I think I could have even doubled the kale and hardly noticed. I'm deeply looking forward to what tasty offerings this month will bring!


Missy said...

robbie just got me a juicer for my birthday and we are doing the {sort of} same thing!! LOL. i got our recipes off of the Join the Reboot website - they are all for juicing, not smoothies though. Another great way to get more greens! :-D i have a couple favorite smoothie recipes on my blog too :-D

Faith said...

That sounds so delish!! I really want to try this drink!!!

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