Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Last Wednesday I turned twenty-six and I would have to say it was my best birthday yet! Because Chris worked that day and already had plans to celebrate my birthday that weekend, most of the day was spent with my mom and Claire. It was completely wonderful! 

We (Me, Chris, Claire and my parents) started with breakfast at my favorite little restaurant, Awful Annie's. Chris then went to work and us girls went to get a mani/pedi and do some birthday shopping! The day was concluded with P.F. Chang's take-out and some of my favorite sweets from Whole Foods. Definitely a lovely and relaxing day spent with my favorite ladies!

The details of our weekend were kept from me until Saturday morning. The only bit of information that was divulged to me was that we would be away from Claire for the night, since Chris wanted to give me a chance to prepare and make sure she had enough bottles to get her through the weekend. I am a huge fan of being surprised and knowing that my hubby has taken care of all the details so my excitement and anticipation the week leading up to the weekend had me bursting at the seams!
Before I was given any details, Chris took me to lunch at Jack's Urban Eats where he then shared what the weekend had in store. 

One of the many reasons I love that man is that when I least expect it, he completely blows me away with his thoughtfulness. He knew how nervous I was about leaving Claire for the first time, so instead of going anywhere far, we stayed in Downtown Sac at the Citizen Hotel. For one, after going to a wedding at the Citizen last Spring, I haven't stopped talking about wanting to stay there and second, he knew that I would be at ease knowing that if Claire needed us for any reason we were a short drive away.  I adore him for being so intentional about details!

After a delicious lunch a Jack's, we spent the afternoon walking through Capital Park, taking in the beautiful gardens and enjoyed the amazing weather the weekend offered us! About an hour before our hotel room was ready we happened upon the most delightful little french bakery, Estelle's. So darling and a perfect setting to relax and share a few divine French pastries! And as if I wasn't already feeling spoiled, upon checking in to our hotel the front desk informed us that they took the liberty of upgrading us to the top floor of the hotel, which offers the best views of the city! 

That evening we got dressed up and headed to the Delta King, where we would be attending the Suspects Dinner Theatre! We arrived about an hour early and had drinks on the deck. The entire evening was a blast and such a fun, unique outing!

After sleeping in and leisurely enjoying our morning coffee, we decided to try out the hotel's restaurant, Grange, for their Sunday brunch and were delighted at the light, lovely fare they offered! Needless to say, we returned home that afternoon feeling so refreshed and recharged!

Everything about our mini stay-cation was perfect and I could not be more grateful for the way I am loved and cherished by my husband! I am so happy he planned for us to go away overnight because as much as we LOVE our sweet daughter, we recognize how immensely important it is spend quality time together in order to keep our marriage healthy! Despite my nerves over leaving Claire overnight for the first time, I couldn't be happier with our decision! She did wonderfully with my parents, which has given us a whole new comfort level now that we know she (and mommy and daddy) can handle it!

Cheers to another year and the wonderful blessing and adventures to come!

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