Friday, April 20, 2012

Backyard Chronicles {Part 1}

This post has been a long time coming! And the truth is, because this project will be quite a lengthy one, I didn't want to share any before shots of our backyard until we were ready to begin the transformation. And friends, the time has finally come and we're ready to get this show on the road!

Living in the area we do, outdoor living is essential. When we bought our home, having a good sized yard was high on our list of priorities. Even one that needed some TLC (as our definitely does!), because if nothing else, we are able see past things in their current state to what we want them to be. We have so many ideas and inspiration for this space!

What I am about to show you is our backyard today from two vantage points. We have done nothing besides normal maintenance since moving here. As you will see, it's got a ton of potential but our goal is to transform that potential into a beautiful outdoor oasis!

It's a little rough, super plain and in need of some serious landscaping, but we have some awesome ideas! Some will take more time than others, so our expectations are that it will evolve somewhat slowly and probably not be totally complete for a few years. But with that said, we hope to start enjoying our yard soon as we start to make some big improvements!  

Here is our long-term project list:

  • get rid of the spa
  • pressure wash the patio to remove the yellow paint
  • purchase a large table (hopefully to accommodate 8)
  • build an overhang to cover the patio area
  • remove most of the rocks around the pool area and fully landscape that area
  • plant some greenery that will grow up the retaining wall (possibly jasmine)
  • plant something that will create some privacy along the back fence
  • landscape large (left) side yard
  • build a shed on the small (right) side yard to store pool and lawn equipment
  • build a structure around both the AC unit and the pool equipment
  • replace the entire fence
  • re-surface the pool
  • level and cement a partial area of the large side yard
As you can see it's a hefty list, but one we're very excited about starting to check off!!  Stick around because I will be updating our progress all summer long!

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