Saturday, April 14, 2012

Claire Elizabeth {5 Months}

Happy five months, my little sunshine! What a thrill it is to watch you grow! Your daddy and I get so much pleasure from watching you learn new things, which seems to happen daily. My how you are getting so big! Sweetie, we've only know you for five short months, yet we can hardly remember life without you! Sweet girl, you are so loved!

In my four month post I said you had no interest in rolling over. Well, you obviously wanted to prove yourself because the following week you started rolling over! Silly girl, you definitely surprised us! About the same time you learned how to flip yourself over, you also discovered your feet and now they are in your mouth any chance you get! It is beyond adorable!

These past few weeks have brought yet another growth spurt. You have definitely leaned out through your mid-section. You are still in 6 month clothes, though some outfits are definitely getting too short. Perhaps your 9 month wardrobe isn't far away? With you being in the 95th percentile in length, there's no doubt you got your mama and daddy's height!

We are still working on sitting up and you can now hold yourself in an upright position for about 5-10 seconds before you start leaning forward. Sometimes longer if you're really focused on something. I can't wait for you to be able to sit up by yourself for long periods of time. How fun it will be for us both! You are quite strong, so I suspect it will happen soon.

My favorite thing right now is your giggle. When you first started laughing it was sparse and only if you were in the mood to be tickled. But things have changed these past weeks as you are finding the silliest things laugh-worthy and my oh my, how your giggle is contagious! You seem to be especially entertained by dogs and mommy saying "I'm gonna get you!" puts a smile on your face every time! One thing is for sure, hearing that sweet sound is the highlight of my day!

You still love taking baths, looking in the mirror, play dates with friends and are constantly cooing, babbling and "talking" (which sounds like yelling a lot of the time)! Your curiosity seems to be growing daily and you are unashamed to put anything and everything into your mouth! While you get a little fussy right before bedtime, you are overall a really mellow baby and a HAPPY one! Remind me to thank you for that when you're older!

Claire Elizabeth, I will never stop saying are such a JOY and we couldn't be more thankful to be your parents!

All my love,

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Missy said...

beautiful! i love the little hair bows :-D she's getting so big!

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