Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Family Photos {by Isabel Ollinger}

Early last month we had a family photo session with Isabel Ollinger. She is the lovely and talented photographer who took pictures at both my baby shower and Claire's birth.  Since we were so pleased with her work both times, we decided to hire her for a family session. She put us instantly at ease with her warm, easy-going personality, which is always a great quality in a photographer!

 We couldn't be happier with the photos she captured of our family! I guess I didn't realize how much more time and effort these could take with a little one, but Isabel was so patient and wonderful and even managed to snap some great shots of the whole family smiling at once, not an easy feat when Chris and I were at our goofiest trying to get a sleepy baby to smile! But even more I love the amazing candid shots she caught of us being silly and natural. They are just priceless!

Thank you, Isabel for once again capturing sweet memories that we will cherish for a lifetime!


Faith said...

your baby is adorable! goodness, cute enough that she is giving me baby fever and that is a hard feat!

amazing pictures, your photographer did an incredible job.

and you look amazing. LOVE the combination of black and brown! :)

Missy said...

aw lovely photos! love them :-)

Joice Kelly said...
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Joice Kelly said...

what a beautiful family!
and Isabel is an amazing photographer!

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