Thursday, June 14, 2012

Claire Elizabeth {7 Months}

Happy seven months of life, Beautiful Girl! What a sweet, independent child you are becoming. To see the world through your eyes gives fresh perspective to everything and is such a blessing. Being your Mama is the best job in the world!!

I am happy to report that the whole carrot fiasco was not indicative of you disliking vegetables-phew! To date you have also tried: sweet potatoes, avocados, butternut squash, peas, apricots, mango, plums & bananas and have thoroughly loved them all! Though you only tolerate apples, pears and cereal. Much to your mama's delight, you may already be a foodie as you seems to prefer your veggies roasted instead of steamed (not that I blame you!). In light of this, I plan on giving carrots another go, only next time I will roast them!

You are a great eater and you are showing a lot of interest in feeding yourself. You are loving the new textures and flavors and I love knowing your little body is getting whole, fresh foods! This past month has brought particular excitement over introduced you to your very own cup! Most days you either get water or 100% fruit juice (diluted) and are completely ecstatic every time you see it!

Your mobility this past month has grown in leaps and bounds! You are never in the same spot for long, making my job much more active. I can't take my eyes off you for a second or you're in to something you shouldn't be...ahem, like gnawing on my phone:) Activity time with you has never been more fun, especially when you have your sweet giggle fits rolling every which way! You are still very fond of your Exersaucer, which makes quick tasks like cleaning the floor and doing dishes much more manageable when you're awake. And maybe my favorite right now is how much you love to touch faces. It's the sweetest thing ever!

Play dates with friends are so fun because you LOVE other babies!  I just love seeing how intrigued you are with other little ones! And besides the pool, your favorite thing is probably bath time. You are now taking baths in mommy and daddy's big bathtub and you can't get enough-especially when your rubber duckies are involved.

Now that it's almost summer, we've been spending lot of family time outdoors, taking plenty of walks, bike rides in your new trailer and swimming nearly every weekend! We hope to nurture in you as much love for the outdoors as we have. So far, you are up for any adventure we present to you. Let's hope you are as agreeable for our family camping trip this summer!

You are still a constant chatter bug, making all kids of coos, squeels, "dadas" and most recently, "hi"! We love when you start talking up a storm-your voice is so girly and we can't wait to hear what you start saying next!

Claire, you are the apple of our eye and we can't imagine life without you! You have grown our hearts beyond what we imagined possible. We love you little girl, more than you will ever know!

All my love,

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Missy said...

lol love the last pic with the towel! :-D

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